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With thumping beats, an off-the-wall sense of style, videos straight out of a ’90s art school project, and song titles like “Music is My Hot Hot Sex,” the Brazilian band CSS clearly enjoys being the life of the party.

It started out of thin air: a group of friends was messing around one day and came up with the idea of starting a band as a distraction from their day jobs. A few years later, it’s safe to say that CSS’s impact has been felt across the globe, with enthusiastic reviews, worldwide tours, and songs being played everywhere from Xbox 360 games to iPod Touch commercials.

Now that CSS, which in Portuguese stands for “cansei de ser sexy” (“I’m tired of being sexy” – something Beyoncé is rumoured to have said), is taking some time off, Naked Eye chatted with their colourful signer, Lovefoxxx. So, what’s up with the name?

“It was like we chose whatever name because it’s not that important, but then all the things that we’ve done have been very spontaneous and that’s why we’ve been so successful,” she says. “Because we’re true and we really love the band but we don’t take it too seriously because then it becomes a bit boring.”

Most of the five members came from a musical background, but Lovefoxxx does not. She has nevertheless proven to be one of the band’s key components with her ability to belt it out, run around onstage in multicoloured bodysuits, and stage dive like a pro.

CSS has been off the road for a while, taking a break from touring to relax and focus on recording a new album – an album that has been in the works for months and is expected to be released at the beginning of next year.

“I think this album reflects how we are feeling right now. You know, everything always reflects how your life is at the moment, and our lives (right) now are just great,” Lovefoxxx says.

The singer is confident that fans will be pleased with the new material.

“I think that the people who like us are going to get very excited about it because it’s so upbeat and positive, and there’s loads of songs about making out.”

In the past, CSS’s music has been powerful enough to compel some fans to come out of the closet after watching a live show. Lovefoxxx still sounds awestruck when she speaks of such an experience.

“I (felt like I was) about to cry because that’s such an important thing in someone’s life, and if we helped, then that’s great.”

With all the time off, Lovefoxxx and bassist/backing vocalist Adriano Cintra have “become obsessed with working out.” Although it’s hard to imagine what more she could bring to her already high-energy stage antics, Lovefoxxx tells us to expect even better performances – and a whole new wardrobe – for the next tour.

“I’m longing so much to tour again and have that kind of fun that we have on tour. This desire to be back on the road is very inspiring to me.”

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