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Even in an amorphous pop climate that’s increasingly embracing eccentricity and difference, Semi Precious Weapons demand to be noticed. They are misfits in a world more and more anesthetized to the concept; creatures from a planet where the cultures of Sex & the City and Mötley Crüe can peacefully co-exist. They play sleazy, filthy rock that might sit comfortably alongside greasy LA rockers like Guns N’ Roses and Buckcherry – were it not for their gender-bending re-imagination of glam that is queer enough to scare off your average macho arena-rock fan. They’ve funded their careers in part by launching a successful jewellery line, valuing high fashion as much as they do music – which is a lot, considering that they all went to music school. Critics dismiss them, hipsters loathe them, and yet their fan base is as difficult to ignore as it is to typecast. Too glittery for testosterone-heavy rock junkies, too raucous for the bubblegum-pop crowd anchored to an aesthetic of fabulousness, their whole might end up alienating crowds that could be drawn to their parts. Or, if they play their cards right, they could be the band that rips a dangerous hole in the safe face of pop.

You guys are on tour with Lady Gaga right now, and have a longstanding artistic relationship with her.She started as a big fan of ours. She was probably one of the first fans that we had, and then we heard through our friend Lady Starlight that she was also an amazing performer. She was fantastic, and it was kind of the perfect match for us. Our show is really over the top, really crazy and filthy. We like clothing and booze, but we all went to music school and take music really seriously. We noticed in her right away that it was kind of the same. Even though we’re a rock band and she’s a pop star, aesthetically it was very similar. She takes her music really seriously, and her songwriting seriously, but the aesthetic is really fun and fantastic and over the top.

Was the Gaga audience receptive to the kind of music that you play, or were they totally shocked and appalled by the volume? It’s a little bit of both, which we love. We feel that rock and roll should be loved or hated, with no in between. I think a lot of people who come to see it are so into it and so excited, and immediately know the connection between us and Gaga, and immediately understand the aesthetic similarities, but then some people are just so mad that we are just so fucking loud. I think that makes the show that much more exciting.

How would a full-scale Semi Precious Weapons takeover change the music industry? One: People would actually start to hear real instruments on the radio again, which would be really exciting. Two: There would be an amazing rush to sign bands that are not only actually musicians but most importantly have personalities and are dangerous. Parents shouldn’t like bands.

Do your parents hate your band? Well, my parents are a rare breed. They are the most vulgar people I have ever met; they love rock and roll more than anyone. They love the band.

Did you ever feel that growing up with banger parents, the most rebellious thing that you could do would be to put on a suit and get a job at the bank? That probably would have really pissed them off. All my other brothers teach tennis, so one of us had to go into rock and roll.

Teaching tennis is pretty low on the “rebellious” scale. It’s not rock and roll at all, is it?

Your new album is called You Love You. What’s more important: loving or being loved? Loving yourself is the most important thing, at least for me personally. When you read comments on the internet, and people wish you dead, loving yourself becomes really important.

As much as you talk about being hated, you guys were recently voted best band in New York City by the Village Voice, so you can’t be hated that much. It was the Village Voice readers’ poll, voted by the people of New York City. Village Voice still hates us, which is awesome. I just think it’s so funny that in the hipster plague of the world, especially in New York City, they just really don’t want to acknowledge that we can play our asses off. Because I’m attractive, people want to assume that we suck. But I think that’s because boring people don’t like sex. And our music encourages sex.