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Calgary born performance group initiates a new movement that is being celebrated worldwide.

It starts with a beat and a flurry of full body pulses usually follows. Arms flail, heads are thrown back and joints look as if they are dislocating.  Enter the House of Dangerkat.  

They wacked it out at a Paris Fashion Week party, where guests like Kanye West video taped them, they vogued it out at London Fashion Week performing with the likes of La Roux and poised it out at the Colette 50th Anniversary party for Barbie, in the company of one Karl Lagerfeld.  In just three years this dance group has built quite an impressive resume.

Titled after the mother of the house, Kaiti “Dangerkat” Pasqualotto, not only started a new movement of dance – but performance art.  It all started when Pasqualotto was encouraged to enter the Alberta College of Art and Design’s annual competition, Art Awareness, which focuses on wearable art and performance.

Pasqualotto created a piece that embodied music, fashion and dance.  Pursuing voguing and wacking, dance styles that were only slightly familiar to her at the time, blending other dance styles like house, while also incorporating her contemporary dance and visual arts background, the House of Dangerkat took Calgary by surprise.

“It’s what were all passionate about, we all came together because we share this common love for combining awesome music, dance and fashion.  It’s a lifestyle,” Pasqualotto said.

She says that whether it’s voguing “which is full of attitude and poise” or house, which is like "letting the music act as your pulse", they’re meant to be really expressive and high-energy.  

Despite meeting some of the most influential characters in the fashion and dance industries, Pasqualotto is as beautiful as she is modest.  When asked what her most memorable experience to date is, she thoughtfully answers: “the first time we went to Paris.”  

“We’re just from Calgary, you don’t think that your stuff is as good as anybody elses,” Pasqualotto said.  Proving even herself wrong, the House of Dangerkat shocked thousands of Parisians at Paris Fashion Week and were invited back to perform at Barbie’s 50th Anniversary.

“It was all out on a limb, I had no idea if people would hate us or love us,” she said.  Judging by the warm reception, there was no doubt about where the audience stood.

Bouncing back-and-forth between her homes in New York City and Calgary, Pasqualotto’s has set her sights on breaking into the music industry. With such a natural talent for performance, it's easy to get excited about the thought.

June 10th, 2010